We Insist on a Safe Environment for Jews across the UC Campuses

We are collecting signatures from stakeholders of the University of California (UC) system to ensure campus Jewish communities feel safe in all University spaces. 

There have been two anti-Semitic attacks that have not been classified as hate crimes by Berkeley UCPD.

*On October 16, a student was physically and verbally assaulted when wearing a kippah and tzitzit and holding an Israeli flag.

*On October 25, a student was physically assaulted when holding an Israeli flag. Then, the student was hit in the head with a water bottle.

When the University does not acknowledge these attacks as being motivated by anti-Semitic hate, Jewish students are left feeling unprotected by the University.

In a well-meaning effort to protect students, a University staff member, who works with University administrators, sent an email select Jewish student leaders. The staff member sent the email before a rally set to take place on campus that day. In the email, the staff member relayed safety advice, which was developed by another Jewish student leader whose guidance the staff member wanted to amplify, to advise some of the following:

Is it our responsibility, as Jewish students, to know where protests are? Why can Jewish student leaders not be safe everywhere on our campus?

Many Jewish students cannot hide their identity. If people realize we are Jewish on campus, why is there fear we will become targets?

Are we so unsafe on campus that we cannot even look our fellow students in the eye?

On November 3, the Chancellor wrote the following to the UC Berkeley community: "Our university condemns antisemitic expression in its every form, and we are committed to addressing it when it occurs and responding when it is reported."

At the same time, there is no formal University policy that clearly defines anti-Semitism.

How can the University respond to anti-Semitism—in "its every form" in 2023—when members of the University community do not know what it looks like? By not defining the problem, statements, such as this, lack follow through.

Sign our Declaration to the UC system

The administration at all UC campuses along with the UC system's leadership have a responsibility to create clear policies around anti-Semitism, protect students' safety, and enforce the law.

We, a student-led initiative, are making the following declaration of asks to the University of California Board of Regents, University of California President, and California Governor:

This starts with the University system, including each campus, adopting policy that clearly defines anti-Semitism (specifically, the entire definition of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition) as well as requires anti-Semitism education and training, organized specifically by the Anti-Defamation League, for all UC-affiliated students, faculty and staff.

This starts with the University system establishing checks-and-balances for how governance decisions are made that affect all UC stakeholders, including the power of the Academic Senate.

This starts with the University system holding accountable the UC-affiliated organizations, entities, and events that discriminate against targeted groups’ identities.

This starts with the University system acknowledging community members who have compromised the reputation of the UC by inciting hate.

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*Toolkit for advocacy and engagement on your campus

*Quick links for reporting anti-Semitism